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Happy Friday babes, what are your plans for this weekend? I will be heading upstate later this afternoon, but I will be on my social medias, but mostly on the Instagram Story so let’s connect! Ladies, look at this beautiful top from Amiclubwear which is on sale for just $10.00! Is very pretty and classy for any occasion. 
Note: Where you see the Pink words on my posts, is where you click to enter the site of the company that I have named or to purchase the items that I am wearing.
See you all on Monday and later on Instagram.
Much love,
Hanoi, xox


2 thoughts on “FRI-NALLY OOTD

  1. Loved this look! My plans for this weekend are pretty mundane, get a haircut and continue job hunting, hahaha. Your style is great and hope you have fun. Where did you get the shoes? I’ve also posted an OOTD if you’d like to check it out ^_^ x

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    1. Thanks love! I hope to had a great weekend. I have had this shoes for a while now, I really do not recall where are they from. I sure will look at your posts hun.

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